Sharing music you learn to
heal the others soul...


Toddler Combo

We understand some parents will have music background and are wondering to teach their kids music by their own.

Cheersland would be your choice!

Apart from providing a grand piano, we have provided different toys and instruments in the studio. From toy bricks, lego, puzzle; to Ukelele, Xylophone, Tambourine, Kalimba, or even electronic drum etc. combining with a grand piano. These toys and instruments are for supplement the music class, eg: learn how the beats are and how to count the rhythm by using the electronic drum. Mom and Dad can use the studio with your kids with maximum 3 people staying inside. Just feel free to schedule the time here.

As summer holiday has come, we are now making a holiday promotion:

  • 10% off -  Any of 3 months Day Pass + 1 hour Free Music Inspiring Class (For age below 6 years old - Ukelele & Piano)

  • 10% off - Any of 3 months Day Pass +  1 hour Music Playgroup Class (For age below 3 years old - with sensory session)

Feel free to take a look the terms & conditions before joining pass. We are welcome for any comments you provide to elevate our quality in Toddler Combo. You can text or email to us via visiting Contact Us in the last page of this website.