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Piano Teacher Combo

Piano is one of the most popular musical instruments to learn in HK.  Sometimes piano teachers may face the difficulties in travelling to student home or vice versa, requesting students to visit their home to attend class with an upright piano.

We now provide a regular time slot for certificated piano teacher to take a chance to teach your students with a grand under an economic package, from fundamental music theory to performing skills. While students can utilize the grand for preparing ABRSM Exam in HK, at the same time, a good piano teacher can have the best piano to adopt your own teaching approaches to both beginners and experienced pianist with Kawai GX-3. Welcome to all ages Certificated Piano Teachers in HK to have your regular class here!

Piano Teacher Combo (Day pass / Weekly Pass / Monthly Pass) :

  • Regular 1.5 hours / day - $195 
  • Regular buy 2 hours get 1 hour free / day - $355  
  • Regular buy 3 hours get 2 hours free/ week   - $ 500
  • Regular buy 4 hours get 3 hours free / week - $520 
  • Regular buy  5 hours get 4 hours free / month - $710 

** Piano Teacher members have the right to block the time slot 1 month before, with maximum 3 hours reservation per day. 

** Remaining hours for day pass cannot carry forward to next day and will be forfeited after cut off time at 12:00am.